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Basant Kulfi is providing the best quality frozen desserts made with pure and 100% natural milk and khoya. We believe in premium quality food material with no use of artificial ingredients. Our customers will experience the pure khoya made frozen desserts that contain natural flavors with remarkable taste. Our preferences are to give the preservative-free, without the use of artificial flavor and chemical. Moreover, our production process is proven to maintain the healthy mixing of natural and pure flavors. There are no flavor stabilizers present in our likely khoya-made Kulfi.

We bring the best taste and premium kulfi experience directly from the dairies of Canada. Basant Kulfi maintains the quality standards by providing the true flavors mix with the milk or khoya. You can experience the taste of mango, original khoya, Pistachio, turmeric flavor, and dry fruit delight. Customer cannot resist the flavors combination once experience any of the Basant kulfi. It is the best and pure kulfi collection for dessert lovers. Especially those who love to enjoy frozen desserts in every season.

We believe in proving the pleasure of taste to our customers. So, that they can experience the natural blend of the frozen dessert traditionally.


173 Advance Blvd Unit#38, Brampton, ON L6T 4Z7, Canada

Phone: +1 416-900-6167


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